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Offer them Hell Bank Notes...

If someone always borrow Money but never returns...
Next time offer him / her HELL BANK NOTES instead.

Keep some Hell Bank Notes in Your Wallet...

If You are being robbed, offer the Hell Bank Notes to the Robber.

Chinese Hell Bank Notes & Goodie Packs...

You don't need to just burn for the ancestors and the ghosts. You can send to someone You hate or wish him / her dead. Western Kids can burn it during Halloween Festival , or hang it up as a pinata and smash it during parties. 

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Strike Until Scared...

Strike until Scared. Non-Believers won't understand the feeling.

Striking The Lottery Non-Stop is a SCARY Experience. Only folks who have experienced it before will understand.

Got Pray Got Luck! No Pray Sure Die!

有拜有保庇! 無拜出代誌!

Wu Bai Wu Po Pi! Bo Bai Chut Dai Ji!

Got Pray Got Luck! No Pray Sure Die!

Ghosts Are Your Best Friends?

Ghosts are Your Best Friends. They help You to Strike 4D.